Aer Lingus Pilot Recruitment

Aer Lingus are currently recruiting up to 400 pilots. The majority of whom will be direct entry pilots without an A320 type rating.

Aer Lingus is one of the most sought after airlines to work for due to excellent pay and conditions, a modern fleet with both short and long haul aircraft.

The recruitment process usually consists of the following:

  • Online aptitude testing
  • Video interview – competency based interview style
  • Group challenge and assessment
  • Group panel interview
  • Interview with HR and pilot
  • Simulator assessment on 737 simulator or A320 simulator for type rated pilots

Pilot IP will provide you with the following:

  • Up to date technical questions and competency based questions that are being asked by Aer Lingus interviewers
  • How best to answer questions
  • Address any technical issues and areas for development
  • Provide a mock interview if desired
  • Ensure you are thoroughly prepared
  • The confidence to ensure you present the best you at interview

A typical session with Pilot IP is 3 hours long and includes preparation for both competency based questions and technical questions.

The session finishes up with a debrief which will identify areas for development including technical knowledge and interview techniques (body language, eye contact, posture etc). After a session with Pilot IP you will be extremely well prepared to land your dream job as a pilot in Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus Ireland’s only 4 star airline have recently launched their largest ever pilot recruitment drive with up to 400 pilot positions available over the next 4 years. Want to fly a modern commercial jet to over 80 destinations worldwide? Aer Lingus fly Airbus A320/321 and A330 aircraft and are soon to accept delivery of up to 12 Airbus A321 Long Range Neo aircraft to aid their ambitious expansion. The A321 LR will soon be flying across the North Atlantic to destinations on the East coast of USA and Canada. Flying with Aer Lingus is one of the most sought after pilot positions in Europe due to a competitive incremental salary and excellent working conditions.

After ground school training successful candidates will under go a type rating conversion course which will take approximately 5 weeks and then commence line training on short haul aircraft (A321/321) flying to European destinations. Within approximately 3 years pilots will have the opportunity to fly long haul operations on an A330.

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