Aer Lingus Direct Entry Pilot Assessment Centre

Aer Lingus Direct Entry Pilot Assessment Centre – What candidates can expect at the Aer Lingus Assessment Centre

Group Assignment

The group assignment exercise is to build a Lego model. This exercise is timed and token money is assigned to each group. Candidates will have a number of options about whether to purchase a full set of instructions or receive partial instructions for less money. The goal is to build the Lego and save money.

Group Panel Interview

During the group panel interview candidates are asked to discuss a number of topical aviation issues. For example, what are the biggest threats to the aviation industry and why are low cost carriers so successful?

Individual Interview

If candidates are successful and pass the group assignment and panel interview they will be called for an interview after a short lunch break.

Candidates are generally interviewed by an Aer Lingus Pilot and a Human Resources Officer. The interview will last approximately 1 hour with 30 minutes assigned to HR competency style questions and 30 minutes assigned to technical questions. Candidates can expect to be asked competency based questions from ICAO’s 8 core competencies for flight crew.

They should prepare examples for when they have demonstrated the competencies below:

  • Communication
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Workload Management
Simulator Assessment

Following completion of the Aer Lingus Assessment Centre successful candidates can expect to be called for a simulator assessment. Aer Lingus are currently assessing candidates on a 737 simulator in Simtech Aviation in Dublin. Candidates will be assessed not only on their handling abilities (V1 cut, single engine go around and landing etc.) but also on their pilot monitoring and CRM attributes.

If you have an upcoming assessment with Aer Lingus and need interview preparation and guidance contact or call Adam on 00353 86 382 5948.