Aer Lingus Direct Entry Pilot Recruitment

What to expect at the Aer Lingus Assessment Centre

Pilot Interview Preparation
Pilot Interview Preparation offers expert one-to-one interview tuition and guidance to Direct Entry candidates applying for a career in Ryanair, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, British Airways - Cadet applicants for Aer Lingus - Ryanair Sponsored Cadet Programme - Defence Forces including Irish Air Corps cadetship.
Aer Lingus Pilot Interview Preparation

About PilotIP

PilotIP has helped candidates to succeed in the recruitment process of numerous airlines including Aer Lingus and the Irish Air Corps. Our industry specific training is led by a current commercial pilot, Type Rating Instructor and former military pilot instructor.

Aer Lingus Direct Entry Pilot Assessment Centre

Aer Lingus Direct Entry Recruitment Process

Aer Lingus is currently recruiting direct entry pilots for 2020 and onwards. PilotIP can prepare you for the HR competency based interview and technical interview. With excellent knowledge of Aer Lingus recruitment procedures and questions PilotIP can help you succeed.

Pilot Technical Interview

Technical Interview

PilotIP can assist your preparation for the technical interview. Expert tuition led by an instructor pilot with over 20 years flying experience with insight into the recruitment process and how best to answer technical questions. Any areas for development will be addressed and improved.

Irish Air Corp Cadet Training

Competency Based Interview

Most airlines are using the competency based interview method. The ability to demonstrate certain behaviours and skills is essential. Practice is key to achieving comfort with delivering a STAR format response. PilotIP offers expert tuition in this method and will help you deliver on the day.

Irish Air Corp Pilot

Irish Air Corps Recruitment

The Irish Air Corps have an annual cadet recruitment process to source the best candidates for a challenging and rewarding career as a military officer and pilot. PilotIP can help you understand the stages of the competition and to prepare you for group interviews, aptitude tests, fitness tests, psychological interview and final interview. This is an arduous process and assistance is highly recommended if you wish to be successful.

Pilot Interview Training

Airline Cadetships

Aer Lingus annually recruit a small number of cadets in what is one of the most sought after and difficult cadetships to land. PilotIP is ideally suited to guide you through this difficult process and prepare you for the tough technical and HR interviews. We offer assistance for every stage of the Aer Lingus cadet recruitment process.

I recently contacted Adam regarding an interview I had coming up with Cityjet. I knew my weak area was regarding my face to face interview technique. It was an area that made me feel uncomfortable and an area I had little knowledge about and knew that this could be my downfall. This is a major part of the interview for Cityjet which is very much focused on competency based questions.

Not only was Adam extremely knowledgeable in this field but he also helped build my confidence by enabling me to answer the questions in a way in which they wanted, teaching me to understand what was being asked of me and also how they wanted the questions answered in a particular format. Adam also helped me to revise and answer questions in a structured way that can relate to any question they asked and this previously was a real struggle for me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pilot Interview Preparation and Adam to anyone going for an airline assessment and believe his knowledge and experience would be a help to anyone at the most stressful time of anyone’s aviation career.

Brian McCallion

Adam has been an amazing help with preparation for an interview. His knowledge of the aircraft is very good and his scope of questions is also great. He not only helps you with the technical, he helps with the HR questions; how to answer them, using what technique and what the interviewer is really looking for. His knowledge of Aer Lingus and the people working there is very high. He knows a lot of specifics about the company and the interviewers. He is available for phone call and Skype to practice interview technique if that is what you require, or just a few helpful hints with the questions and how to answer them. Thank you again Adam for all your help.

Rachel Sylvester-Murphy
Pilot, Aer Lingus

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